The Liquid Facelift

Dr. Krausen’s expertise as a cosmetic surgeon led to an aesthetic, non-surgical way to sculpt the face and the neck with injections.

Subtle, artistically planned injections can create a more rested, refreshed, and very natural improvement. This avoids the dreaded “too much” look.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Used to improve nasal appearance – Dr. Krausen has carried out more than 2,000 nasal surgical procedures. His expertise and knowledge in reshaping the nose allows him to use the new fillers available to correct many nasal deformities.

Tired or Sad Eyes

Many patients’ aging changes involve a hollowing in the area of the cheeks and lower lids. Injecting Voluma (Allergan Brand) or Lyft (Galderma Brand) can provide structure to the cheek bones and to the sunken-in rims of the eye area.

Neck Waddle

In 2016, the FDA approved Kybella (Allergan Brand) injections to treat this problem. Preventative, curative, and permanent removal of fat without surgery.

This is one of those rare treatments that truly exceed expectations for most patients and can help create a great profile.

Elegant Jawlines

When there is a nicely defined jawline and chin the face and neck become far more youthful. Artistically enhancing the profile to create balance and definition with Voluma, Lyft, and Sulptura (Galderma Brand), Dr. Krausen’s [candula] injections are the key.

Treating Men is Special

Looking better, refreshed, and natural (not plasticized) truly matters to men. In the work place, in your social life, it is important to look your most energized best. Dr. Krausen can help you lose the “Junk-in-the-Trunk” under your chin and the tired look around your eyes without surgery.

But men need a different approach than women to still look masculine. Those distinctive, subtle differences, demand expert judgment that 30 years of experience operating on men helped Dr. Krausen develop.

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