Your Personalized Plan

Prides himself on decades of providing creative, cosmetic care.

At our first get together your photos are placed on the computer screen. You and Dr. Krausen will review your problem areas. He will draw in those artistic changes that you want to see and explain what services can make that happen.

Your first visit creates a planned program, personalized to your needs and budget, with all your options explained by Dr. Krausen.

Dr. Krausen Personal Consulting

All your treatments are done by Dr. Krausen

Any question you might have will receive an answer from the Doctor, with an open line to call or text him directly.

Your Comfort Comes First

Dr. Krausen offers a special approach to making all treatments as pain-free as possible – numbing the skin and the skilled use on injection can… minimizes needle¬†poring. Skin cooling enhances your comfort level. We all want to avoid bruising and swelling.

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