The Culture of Care

Dr. Karusen takes pride in his patient comfort while you’re on site, starting with your first consultation to treatments and finally to post-treatment follow-up.

When you choose The Skin Center of Wisconsin you’ll never get the brush-off to a nurse to a quick answer, as if you’re bothering the Doctor. Instead, you will get personalized care from start to finish. It’s part of Dr. Krausen’s philosophy of patient treatment and care.

Initial Consultation & Planning

When you arrive at The Skin Center of Wisconsin you will sit down with Dr. Krausen to discuss specific changes you want to see happen. With your photos on the computer screen, you and he together will design a personalized plan to meet your goals. He will explain the products, the placement of injections, and the timing he recommends. Side by side photos of the changes on your photos to be created will give you a true view of what is going to happen and to understand how this will meet your expectations.

Post Treatment Care

After your treatments, you will have personal 1-on-1 post follow-ups with Dr. Krausen. He will want to speak to you himself, not through a nurse, and will give you access to his personal cell phone number to call or text him anytime. This ensures that you are comfortable, not just from the beginning or during treatment, but also afterward. Your comfort and satisfaction are of utmost importance to Dr. Krausen.

Dr. Krausen offers a special approach to making all treatments as pain-free as possible – numbing the skin and the skilled use on injection can… minimizes needle poring. Skin cooling enhances your comfort level. We all want to avoid bruising and swelling.

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